Register and provision standards-based SIP video conferencing units to the Pexip Service


Cost-effective, scalable enterprise call control and phonebook management at any scale

Simple to manage

Easy to deploy with video hardware out of the box, or in combination with Pexip Infinity enterprise software application for a total infrastructure solution

Registering your video endpoints in the cloud

By registering video endpoints to the Pexip Service you make sure you make the most of your investment by future-proofing your entire call control and management capabilities—and at the same time, enjoy unlimited calling on a dedicated global quality assured network. Registration is suitable for all types of video conferencing systems, from personal video units to large room devices and is compatible with a wide selection of models offered by leading industry suppliers such as Cisco, Poly, and Yealink.Users can call into most meeting services from providers such as Pexip, Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Zoom and BlueJeans, as well as directly receive or make calls to other video systems or directly to individual contacts. Cost-effective pricing and excellent quality are guaranteed through smart roaming, meaning your video conferencing units will automatically register to the closest Point of Presence (PoP) based on location.

Key benefits of registering endpoints to a service

  • Plug ‘n’ play activation
    Automated provisioning with no-touch management means your devices can be up running in moments. If you move your video system to a different physical location, you won’t need to reregister it.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) global video network
    Offload video traffic to our global QoS video network with SLA to ensure low latency and packet loss; excellent call quality through smart roaming, which always connects their device to the nearest available data center (“PoP”) on the Pexip network.
  • Automated call monitoring
    Provides simplified troubleshooting to easily identify and resolve performance issues.
  • Secure firewall traversal
    Easily connect to internal and external meetings, or make or receive calls directly.
  • Automated phonebook
    Your company’s contacts and meeting rooms always stay up to date
  • Skype for Business gateway
    Integrate Pexip’s Skype for Business gateway service with your endpoints, ensuring a seamless connection between your video units and your Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business meetings, while maintaining native user experience and workflows.
  • “Scan to join” / wireless dialing into any video meeting
    Harness the power of mobile technology for seamless dialing workflows. Use the Pexip mobile app to remotely connect with your video systems and join meetings with one click inside the mobile app or by scanning QR codes.
  • Simplify complex call control infrastructure
    Implement a cost-effective strategy for modernizing complex enterprise network architecture. Deploy Pexip endpoint subscriptions “as-a-service” with Pexip’s self-hosted Infinity software. Design and maintain your own network architecture and deployment with Infinity, while the Pexip service endpoint subscriptions automate complex call control management at scale, reducing the overall video port capacity required for Pexip Infinity, while allowing you replace expensive or legacy third-party call-control solutions without implementing any additional hardware or software.

Subscription and feature options

Feature Basic Plus Premium
Plug ‘n’ Play activation Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited video calling Yes Yes Yes
Unique video address Yes Yes Yes
Automated phone book Yes Yes Yes
Native interoperability (SIP/H.323) Yes Yes Yes
Business to business network connectivity Yes Yes Yes
Smart roaming Yes Yes Yes
Maximum call rate 768 kbps 1.5 Mbps 3.0 Mbps
Resolution (typical performance varies between models) Standard def. or better 720p HD or better 1080p HD or better
Global quality-assured network Included Included Included
Ideal for Small personal video systems Executive video and medium room systems High-end executive video and large room systems

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