Collaborataion Squared has the expertise to assist in running Virtual Events and Webcasts to allow presenters to focus on presenting rather than administering the call. We do this using the customers own technology or we can provide the technology ourselves.

Advantages of Operator Assistance

Set-Up and Pre Call

  • Leave the creation and Set-Up of the call to CollabSQ
  • Advice on best practice and setup for the speakers
  • Pre call with speakers to cover any requirements

In Call

  • Manage participants entering the call
  • Communicate with the speakers prior to the start
  • Bespoke introduction of speakers based on customer requirements
  • Manipulating slides, videos, polls during the call
  • Running a professional Q&A session from live attendees on phone and chat
  • Wrapping up and explaining any post call options to attendees

Post Call

  • Compiling statistics of the call
  • Editing recordings
  • Managing post call handouts and polls

Take the stress out of running Webcasts and Webinars
with Collaboration Squared Operator Assistance.