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Bring people and teams together with a single, high powered video meeting platform to amplify your company communications. Because work is better together.

Drive more productive collaboration with everyone. Easily meet anyone face-to-face, wherever they are. Meet people on video whatever their device or technology, with premium video conferencing that just works.

The Pexip video meeting and calling platform lets organizations simplify dynamic video collaboration at scale by making it possible to schedule and host meetings instantly on any device.

A Quick Overview of Pexip’s Video Meeting & Calling Platform

Virtual meetings, real collaboration

A VMR, or “virtual meeting room”, provides a single digital space that participants on any device can join for reliable, HD group video meetings. This makes it simple to invite internal or external meetings

Ways to join

  • Professional video conferencing room systems (SIP / H.323 devices)
  • Desktop/mobile (with the Pexip app)
  • Web browsers (WebRTC – no downloads required)
  • Skype for Business app
  • Traditional audio conferencing (PSTN dialing)

Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms with Adaptive Composition

With Adaptive Composition, your users and hardware don’t have to change; instead, the meeting experience adapts to your users and hardware.

Real-time image-framing optimizations powered by Pexip’s innovative AI technology, such as cropping, panning, and tilting, ensure people’s faces always remain in focus for more immersive, engaging meeting experiences.

Simply activate as many virtual meeting rooms as you need to enjoy more immersive, seamless meeting experiences.

Works on any device to optimize the video framing for each participant’s video feed Users don’t need to take any action to get optimal video meeting experience Intelligent layout design for in-call user interface encourages more natural engagement and reduces visual distractions

VMR Features

Group video meetings

Host and join simple video meetings with intuitive conference controls for more productive meetings.

Two-way content sharing

Host and join simple video meetings with intuitive conference controls for more productive meetings.

Group chat

Host and join simple video meetings with intuitive conference controls for more productive meetings.

Dedicated App

Professional video conferencing from any device with our mobile and desktop apps.

Automated scheduling

Integrate with your work calendar and add a VMR’s joining details to calendar invites with one click.

1:1 video calls on any device

Replace long, complicated email or chat threads with video calls on any device with Pexip apps

Simple conference controls

Easy-to-use conference controls to view and manage participants,  “Lock” your meeting room, and set room PINs for hosts or guests.

Live streaming & recording

Stream content directly from a VMR to a range of supported third-party streaming platforms via our RTMP streaming integration.

For IT admins

Management & reporting dashboard

Display and view rich data to monitor live and historical video usage across your entire company, as well as monitor call quality and other features View live and historical usage data and performance analytics Centrally manage, add, or delete users Scale on-demand. Simple to configure and add new VMRs to manage increased usage and new geographical locations.

Enterprise data & security

Talk with confidence. All video calls and shared media content are fully encrypted to keep your meetings and content for your eyes only. Single sign-on (SSO) for your company’s users allows them to easily and safely connect into meetings with Pexip’s dedicated apps.

Out-of-the-box or customizable platform

Our meeting platform has two licensing options:
A managed as-a-service subscription
Feature-rich video collaboration on any device with no technical implementation
Host up to 100 participants
As a self-hosted enterprise software application, Pexip Infinity
Flexible deployment options to host Pexip Infinity in your choice of cloud or server
Fully customizable platform with deep APIs

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