Webinars made easy (yes it IS possible!)

The future of work is hybrid.  Therefore, the need for organizations to hold conference calls, webinars and virtual events, is only going to increase. 

There are a number of great commercially available tools to host such virtual events, but what happens when something goes wrong?

Most people now have a story of a virtual event “blooper” (or a memory they would very much like to forget)!  These range from the benign, such as your dog stealing the show during a video conference, to serious security issues such as a malicious intruder derailing your event or stealing information.  This is unfortunately so commonplace it has even been given a name and believe me no-one wants to experience “ zoombombing ”.

So how do you present flawless webinars? Easy – have your webinar platform managed.  Leave the stability and security of the event to the experts and allow yourself to concentrate on the purpose of the webinar, not the webinar itself. 

Top 5 Webinar Issues

  • Connectivity
  • Maintaining control of the stream
  • Security
  • Engaging the attendees
  • Maintaining event structure

Webinar Management

Without exception, these problems can be overcome by using an Event manager / Operator on your preferred webinar platform.  We can recommend a platform or provide – it’s your choice.  

Much like a live broadcast, our Event Managers assist by controlling the webinar and providing best practices pre Event and during the live webinar. They ensure that your Presenters are connected successfully whether by webcam or audio and troubleshoot any inconsistencies. Connectivity is their area of expertise, and they will perform connection checks etc well ahead of the virtual event, to ensure your speakers are broadcasting loud and clear. They also assist your attendees if they are having issues connecting / interacting.

Larger virtual webinars also benefit from a dedicated Event project manager who specializes in optimizing your delivery for a remote audience. They will assist with platform settings, presenter dry runs and training sessions, technical checks and any questions your organizers have.  Managing the webinar process can feel overwhelming but working with an expert Event project manager will ensure that your event is fine-tuned.

The result? An engaged audience and your content delivered smoothly by your presenters with no stress for your internal organizers.

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