Professional Operator Assistance for Live Events

Expertly managed calls, events and podcasts for global businesses

As the global pandemic drastically increased the use of video calling and conferencing—with more than 80 percent of Americans calling, Zooming and Skyping in, according to Pew Research—it also led to a host of technical issues from dropped calls to poor sound and picture quality to outright failure. To ensure ongoing success with virtual events, Collaboration Squared provides a dedicated team of experts to support businesses before, during and after conferences, video calls, webinars and webcasts.

“Our agile, personal services are what truly set Collaboration Squared apart. Your business benefits from a dedicated representative, who is there for you every step of the way, so you never have to worry about technical issues or connectivity challenges again,”

said Steve Sevastopulo COO Collaboration Squared.

“We all know what it’s like when you can’t hear a speaker or you get disconnected from an important call. Our global team helps organizations product and host flawless events from start to finish.”

Managing virtual events from 10 to more than 10,000 attendees, the Collaboration Squared Events team are available 24 x 7 for worldwide support with operated-assisted calls and events, also providing technology as needed.

“Ultimately, you can concentrate on sharing your message, and we will ensure that it is successfully received. Rather than worrying about functionality or security, you can focus on communication and connection,”

Sevastopulo added, noting that Collaboration Squared can scale delivery to attendees across the globe.

From planning and rehearsal through delivery and follow-up, Collaboration Squared support services include a pre-call with speakers to cover requirements, managing participants entering the event, moderation and interaction, best practices for speakers, running Q&A sessions, compiling statistics, editing recordings, transcriptions and more.

Collaboration Squared Events are used for every single type of “virtual” or at-distance communication, from virtual conferences to lead-generation programs, investor relations calls to delivering training certification, team meetings, product launches, webcasts, the list is endless.

Hybrid work plans have dramatically increased the need for internal communications to be delivered remotely and managed video conferencing is the most popular solution. To ensure communications to ALL employees, prospects and customers are delivered effectively, get in touch.